What To Know Before Planting A Tree?

What To Know Before Planting A Tree

A great way to invest in and enhance the design of your landscape is by planting beautiful trees. Planting a tree or two in your front yard or backyard can bring different benefits like adding shade and attracting different types of wildlife. Depending on the type of tree, they can also add color and dimension to the landscape design. While there are some great advantages to planting trees, there are still some factors to consider before planting a tree.

What To Know Before Planting A Tree

Is There Enough Space For The Tree?

Although the saplings that you find in a nursery look small, depending on the tree species, they could one day be way too big for the planting location. Remember that trees can grow not just upwards but outwards as well.

You should first choose a spot to plant a tree where it will have ample room for growth. This will help prevent issues later on in the tree’s life that would inhibit growth or damage property close to the tree. Local nurseries have tree experts who can provide you with the spacing requirements of the different trees that they offer.

Find Out About Your Utilities

One of the most important factors to find out is where the underground utilities are around your home. Contact your local utility company to receive accurate information about any wiring, sewers, and piping that is located around your home. Finding utility lines before planting a tree will help you avoid damage to wires and pipes when digging a hole.

Cutting a wire or pipe while digging can cause major issues that will cost money and take time to resolve. It is also important to remember that the roots of the tree will grow and can damage the wires and piping. Therefore, do not dig a planting hole close to utilities which could become damaged in the future.

What Is Involved in Tree Care?

Some people are quick to buy a tree but later regret it because of the amount of care it takes to maintain and keep the tree healthy. Initially, trees require watering daily for the first two weeks. After that, newly planted trees should then be watered three days a week for three months.

Not only is watering trees time-consuming but it can also be costly. You will be using quite a bit of water for the first three months so that soil conditions are ideal for developing and growing a strong root system.

Depending on the type of tree, in the fall there can be foliage that falls off and causes the yard to become messy. This will require a weekly effort of raking the yard in order to keep it looking neat and tidy. If you do not have the time to rake leaves, then you will have additional monthly costs for a garden service.

Trees will also need periodic pruning and trimming. If pruning isn’t done correctly, it can damage or kill the tree. Professional Arborists will know that each cut must have a reason, like corrective or preventative measures.

When is the Best Time to Be Planting Trees?

Another factor to consider is the best time to plant a tree. The best time to plant a tree is during autumn or spring, depending on where you live. It is best to give trees time to get established in the chosen spot before having to deal with the intense heat during the summer period or freezing cold ground conditions during the winter period. For the best results, research when the best time to plant the tree that you have chosen.

How Long Does It Take a Tree to Grow?

Trees are not quick-growing plants. Also, different species of trees will have different rates of growth. If you are looking for a tree that will grow and fill the space quickly, speak to a local tree professional. A local tree expert will be able to provide you with a list of trees that can grow fast in your area. Some common trees that are chosen to grow quickly are sweet gum trees, river birch trees as well as tulip trees.

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