What Does Nebraska Extension Do? Answer your Questions!

What Does Nebraska Extension Do? Answer your Questions!

Nebraska Extension brings research and expertise from the University of Nebraska across eight key impact areas to Nebraskans across the 93 counties in the state. Nebraskans utilize Nebraska Extension to inspire communities, build businesses, extend agricultural operations, strengthen family relationships, empower the youth, and protect natural resources.

What Does Nebraska Extension Do? Answer your Questions!

Here’s everything you need to know about this organization, its mission, and its goals.

Vision & Mission

The platform aims to engage with Nebraskans from all walks of life. It connects Nebraskans with research and resources from the University of Nebraska. The goal is to create a trusted resource for all residents, inspiring them to live prosperous, fulfilling lives.

  • Development of a skilled workforce
  • Enhanced well-being and health
  • Create statewide economic prosperity
  • Attract and retain young people
  • Leverage the strengths of Extension for ongoing success


Nebraska Extension recently implemented a new strategy for the platform. It aims to leverage its strengths and expertise to fulfill the needs and wants of all Nebraskans. That being said, times change, leading to new opportunities and challenges.

The strategic vision of Extension allows it to respond timeously to requests with relevant information for the user’s request. Nebraska Extension has three ambitions. Now, let’s unpack them in detail.

#1 Strengthen Agriculture Systems

Nebraska Extension aims to create connections with businesses and researchers in the agriculture and food production industries. Also, it seeks to secure the stewardship of natural resources using economically and environmentally sustainable strategies.

The goal is to create access to healthy, safe food and water, benefiting Nebraskans and the land.

#2 Inspire Communities

Nebraska has a diverse and robust population with many innovative, productive, and prepared residents. Overall, Nebraska Extension aims to serve the people of Nebraska, especially the youth. Extension aims to create vibrant, thriving communities contributing to the state’s sustained growth and success.

#3 Improve the Health & Wellbeing of Nebraskans

By connecting and engaging with Nebraska Extension, residents have the opportunity to improve their physical, mental, and financial health. That being said, the platform aims to create a better quality of life for all Nebraskans.

Nebraska Extension – Organizational Structure

Nebraska Extension is a non-formal, publicly funded educational platform linking county governing bodies with the land-grant University. It’s the world’s largest youth and adult non-formal educational organization. The USDA, county governments, and state land-grant institutions comprise the three partners involved in Nebraska Extension.

Partnerships: State, Federal, and Local

State Partners

Land-grant universities and colleges in Nebraska form an alliance called The National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC)—the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) form Extension policies and programs. The University of Nebraska provides the funding for Extension operations.

Federal Partners

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Research Education and Economics (REE), and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) are Extensions of Federal partners.

Local Partners

The University of Nebraska has an agreement with county governments to provide local support. It includes funding through property tax dollars for overhead expenses like equipment, office facilities, support teams, and travel.


Nebraskans can rely on Extension to connect children, families, communities, and businesses through the following directives.

Local – Extension is a Nebraskan initiative developed for the betterment of Nebraskan residents. The team brings all of the resources of the University to the 93 Nebraska counties. It aims to serve the needs of Nebraskans from all walks of life.

Collaboration – Extension works with all Nebraskans. They communicate with leaders, stakeholders, and experts to work on solutions that positively impact Nebraskans’ everyday issues.

Relevance – Extension leverages the fundamental strengths of Nebraskan residents and the University of Nebraska to create a real impact on the lives and livelihoods of all residents in the state.

Accountability – Extension provides complete transparency on all investments into the platform through the University and the people of Nebraska. It proves performance, ensuring the communities understand how the organization continues its mission.

Research-Backed – Extension produces unbiased outcomes and information for all Nebraskans. It provides science-backed insight to assist Nebraskans with making competent choices that benefit their lives.

Response – Extension listens to the needs of Nebraskans and assembles teams of competent people to address these challenges. Therefore, finding new opportunities for all Nebraskans.

The extension has a team of bright individuals who are always looking to innovate and challenge the status quo. It embraces change and continually challenges its members and stakeholders to think logically.

Nebraska Extension – A Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

Nebraska Extension is deeply committed to creating a culture of inclusion in the organization and throughout the state. It embraces the ideals of inclusion, anti-racism, equity, and diversity. Extension engages with partners and organizations in the community and individuals within Extension itself.

All professionals working at Extension recognize the need to remove the societal and cultural boundaries of the past, creating equal opportunity for all Nebraskans. That being said, Extension strives to address the systemic causes of cultural and social disparities.

Lastly, Extension practices and policies don’t discriminate resources or engagement based on protected status.

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