Tree Removal

Tree Services of Omaha is a full service tree care provider
that offers a wide range of arborist services.

Tree Services of Omaha is a full service tree care provider that offers a wide range of arborist services.

Tree Removal

Nobody likes to see trees be taken down, but sometimes there is no other option. Tree removal is often needed in residential areas due to various factors. Most trees have a lifespan and with age can start to decline. Although no two trees are alike, a tree’s lifespan can be affected by how the tree was planted, where it is planted, storms, pests, and disease. An Omaha arborist can help determine the longevity of the trees on your property, and determine if tree removal is the right course of action.

Don’t let large dead trees become an eyesore on your property. Trees that have been dead for several years become very hazardous, which poses risk to your property and our crew. The tree removal process can become more expensive the more hazardous a tree becomes. It is important to do routine maintenance on your trees, to help drive down costs when it comes time for professional tree removal.

Omaha Tree Removal
Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree Removal Services – What to Expect

Tree removals in most urban and suburban environments present tree removal companies’ challenges. Trees in neighborhoods usually are surrounded by other valuable buildings, power lines or plant life. Tree removals, specifically large trees, require careful piecing out and lowering done by licensed/insured arborists. Tree Service of Omaha operates state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee your safety and the protection of your home and property. 

The use of arborist specialized equipment while removing trees is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch arrangement, and the hardiness of your tree. Typical tree removal includes cutting down a tree, chipping all of the limbs, cutting all big wood into 20″ logs, and cutting the stumps as close as possible to the ground. We haul away all of the brush, wood chips, and logs unless otherwise stated. If you desire logs for firewood or wood chips from your tree removal we can leave them for you free of charge (stacked logs and chips in a neat pile).

We understand that tree removal may not always be in the budget or a homeowner may want to keep the wood for other purposes.  We occasionally can offer a Drop No Haul price. This removal option is to get the tree safely to the ground.  This particular service does not include any hauling, cutting up, moving, or clean up (unless otherwise stated on the quote).  This is a great option for customers who want to save some extra money or use the debris for other purposes.  We may not be able to offer this option on all removals due to tight spaces and other circumstances.  Our arborists can let you know what is best for your property.

Lawn Impact

Tree Services of Omaha prepares work zones, such as laying plywood, to minimize the impact onto lawns from equipment and manpower. However, some minor indents and patches may occur and cannot be prevented. The machinery that we have is heavy and both warm weather and rain contribute to the post tree work impact. Winter work is another option to further lessen potential lawn damage because the soil is frozen and hard. In most cases, these lawn impressions are barely noticeable. However, there are cases where the damage needs time to return to its original state. Unless clear misconduct and lack of preparation are determined, these minor damages are not Tree Services of Omaha’s responsibility to repair.

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