Should You Water Your Trees in the Fall?

Should You Water Your Trees in the Fall?

Gardeners prepare: we’re about to head into the fall season, and most of you might want to start making the most important preparations for the season ahead. Preparation for the fall is important so that your garden can continue its livelihood again when the season changes. However, proper preparation is also important so that your garden can survive some of the harshest weather over the coming months. One question you might be wondering is, should you water your trees in the fall in Omaha?

Should You Water Your Trees in the Fall in Omaha?

This is one of the most common gardening questions, and the answer might be a surprise for most. Here’s your guide to the fall season, and what you should do next to make sure that your plants, shrubs, and trees remain in the best condition possible.

The First Signs Of Fall

It’s important for gardeners to watch for the signs of seasons changing. Weather changes have changed the exact date of when the seasons switch, and it can sometimes be more effective to watch the weather in your area for changes than it might be to guess when they will happen.

The first signs of fall can be seen in the discoloration of the leaves – which happens when trees go into their dormant phase. Trees will remain in their dormant phase throughout the late fall and winter months. Other signs of fall can be found in the grass and the habitual patterns of animals and insects.

Look for the first signs of fall, and when they appear start to prepare for the season. Any sensitive, potted plants should be taken to the appropriate environment. For example, sensitive plants should be brought indoors.

Fall Season: A Guide (For Trees & Their Owners)

Once the fall season is in full swing, you’ll notice the changes in the leaves of trees and shrubs that were green. The change is sudden, and this is just because animals and plants have a keener sense of these things than the rest of us. While gardeners are planted with their feet in nature, animals, insects, and plants are wired to it.

When to Stop Watering Trees

There are many gardeners who will continue to water their trees throughout the fall, but it turns out that this is one of the worst things you can do for the tree. In fact, you might be making the health of the surrounding trees worse. When the leaves have changed, in early fall, stop watering your trees.

While it seems like a contradiction, trees go into a specific state during the fall. During this period, trees do not expect to find as much water as they would have access to the rest of the year. Watering your garden during the fall months can convince a tree that it’s in a different season, and it will respond poorly to any excess water.

While it’s not a deliberate mistake most gardeners make, it is a common one that can weaken your tree for the season ahead. If you have a sensitive or newly planted tree, then the damage you are doing is worse (and yes, could be fatal for the tree itself).

When to Restart Watering Trees

If there are dry periods once the leaves have fallen off your trees, it is okay to start watering again. Failure to do so can result in your trees running on empty until moisture arrives.

If you didn’t overwater in the early autumn and throughout the winter, continue with moderate watering. Increase the amount of water as spring and summer arrive. Trees won’t remain in their stagnant state for the entire fall but will move towards requiring water again when nature calls… Literally!

Signs of Overwatering

If your leaves are going brown too early or the tree does not respond with new growth the way it should, then you might have overwatered. Always pay close attention to your trees throughout the fall and winter months in order to prevent tree health from declining too far before intervention.

Always look for signs of too much (or too little) water, and adapt.

Additional Information: Winter Tree Watering Tips

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