Winter Proof a Tree

How Do You Winter Proof a Tree?

Winter proofing is something that most people already know how to do for the home before the cold winter weather arrives. However, winter-proofing is not just something people should do for their houses. You should also winter-proof a tree if you want to ensure it makes it through the wintertime!

How Do You Winter Proof a Tree in Omaha?

Winter-proofing trees are something that most gardeners don’t always think of. Even if they do think of it, they might not necessarily know what they have to do to keep their trees healthy when the ground freezes. If you have never had to winter-proof a tree before, then the process might seem a little confusing at first.

How do you winter-proof a tree, and why is it important for the health of the tree when it comes out of its winter, hibernating state? Here’s your quick, comprehensive guide on how to prepare your trees and garden best for the colder winter temperatures ahead.

What Is Winter Proofing?

Winterproofing is something that has to be done for the health of every tree in your garden. It’s something that younger, newly planted trees and shrubs especially need, but also something that older trees are going to need just as much.

Trees go into a special, plant-specific state of hibernation during the winter. However, nature alone often is not enough to protect trees in this state from the harsh, cold temperatures that they might face in the winter days ahead.

Almost all plants and trees need winter-proofing, especially if you live in an area that experiences much colder weather than in other areas. Without winter-proofing, you’re going to do more harm to your trees than any good. Cold weather can be too harsh for most trees to handle.

Tree roots and tree bark can take damage through the winter period that they could have avoided with just a few simple care steps.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

Just before winter weather arrives, it’s a good idea for gardeners to halt their regular watering routine. While it seems unusual for most gardeners to stop watering their trees, this has to do with the hibernation state the tree is about to enter just before winter arrives. Overwatering during this period can take essential resources away from your tree.

For the best results, adjust the watering schedule during the late fall months.

Cast Netting Over Bushes

Gardens aren’t just made out of trees, but also often contain several sensitive plants and bushes that gardeners also need to keep a close eye (or net!) over during the winter. Most nurseries sell netting, which looks a little bit like horror movie spiderwebs. Place this netting around the base (or sometimes on top) of trees and bushes for their protection. The netting acts a little bit like a blanket to keep trees and plants warm until the growing season comes around.

When the harshest cold comes in with the winter, a protective wrap around trees and bushes can save them from the worst of the cold’s effects. While bark serves this purpose naturally for the rest of the year for trees, it isn’t always enough for protection during long and harsh winters that include heavy snow and strong, cold winter winds.

Wrap Your Tree for Protection

Wrap trees with the same material that a gardener might use to cover up their bushes before the winter. For the best result, wrap up the base of trees where their bottoms remain protected against any potential damage from the cold. Trees can begin to show signs of stress when they are not properly protected during utterly cold temperatures.

For more information on how to winter-proof your tree click here (Nebraska Extension).

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