Do tree stumps in Omaha cause problems?

Do tree stumps cause problems?

Have you recently cut down a dead or dying tree in your yard? What did you do with the stump? Most arborist companies charge extra for removing the stump, so many homeowners leave it in the ground. But is that a good idea? Does leaving the tree stump present any property risk to your home or its infrastructure? Do tree stumps cause problems? Let’s unpack this topic and explain why you might want it removed from the yard.

Do Tree Stumps in Omaha Cause Problems?

A Tree Stump Can Cause Property Damage

Yes, tree stumps can potentially cause property damage, costing more than grinding the stump out. If the tree is not cut down close enough to the roots, new shoots can grow on the stump, allowing the tree to keep growing.

The roots could continue to grow, causing lifting problems with your driveway or patio. They might also penetrate the pool wall, causing it to crack. In worst-case scenarios, the roots may grow into the homes’ foundations, cracking them and reducing the structural integrity.

Omaha Tree Stumps Invite Pests & Disease Into The Garden

If you leave the stump in the ground and cut it close enough to the roots, the roots die. While that eliminates the property risk we discussed, it causes issues with wood rot. While that might not seem like a big deal, stumps create the ideal home for pests in the yard.

A decaying stump is a perfect habitat and nesting place for all types of creepy crawlies. Carpenter ants and beetles to the dreaded termites all love decayed wood. Rotten wood provides an ample food source, and wood-boring insects might eventually migrate from the yard to inside your home.

Can you imagine the horror of a termite infestation on your roof or the foundations? The pests may also spread to other areas of the yard, infesting trees and plants.

When a stump decomposes, it propagates diseases such as infectious tree-eating fungi as well. Spores can spread through your garden, causing problems with other plants.

A Safety Hazard for Kids

Kids love playing and running in the garden. A tree stump presents a tripping hazard and potential injury risk. The last thing you need is a neighbor’s kids playing in the yard and tripping over the stump, resulting in a trip to the emergency room.

A Tree Stump Reduces Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

The stump may add character to your yard, but it might leave a different impression on others. If you are selling your property, prospective homebuyers may not feel the same. If it starts to rot, it goes from a charming addition to the yard to an unsightly mess.

Removing the Stump Makes for Easier Lawn Mowing

If you’re a homeowner, you probably hate mowing the lawn every weekend during the summer. If there’s a stump in the way, it makes the chore even more laborious. If the roots continue growing, they might peak above the soil in some areas, damaging the lawnmower blades and motor.

When Do You Need to Remove a Tree Stump?

Depending on local weather conditions, most stumps take five to seven years to start rotting. However, a stump might start growing new roots and shoots long before the four-year window starts.

If you’re considering removing a tree in your yard, ask an arborist to remove the stump as well. It might cost a little more, but given the risks to your property we went through in this post, it makes good sense to remove it.

If you felled the tree yourself and don’t have a stump grinder, consider killing it with Epsom salt or chemicals to prevent the roots from growing. Some people believe that drilling holes in the stump and pouring boiling water on it to shock the root system is helpful. However, this will not mitigate the rotting risk.

Hire a Specialist to Remove the Stump

Hiring a professional stump removal specialist can cost anywhere from $150 to $500, but can cost more depending on access and size. The arborist doesn’t remove the roots; they remove the stump, which prevents the roots from growing.

Choose a reliable and effective certified arborist company and get it right the first time. Review their process for removing the stump and ask them about the techniques used to prevent the roots from continuing to grow.

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